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Peace concert

April 10 (Sat) 7pm. Sanji Music Hall  

(PDT 3am, EDT 6am, BST 11am, CEST 12pm)

​April 18 (Sun) 7pm. Le Salon  

(PDT 3am, EDT 6am, BST 11am, CEST 12pm)

The performances to be held this time do not end with a one-time event, but will continue to be held from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do, Gwangju, Daejeon, Busan and Jeju.

In particular, the Seoul concert was to be rented free of charge at Thio and Sanji Music Hall Co., Ltd., and the Gyeonggi performance at Le Salon in Pangyo also opened a performance hall without paying a rental fee, giving great power to artists in a difficult situation due to Corona 19 Has become.

In addition, for the performers, lunchboxes, meals, and drinks are sponsored free of charge from companies such as Mahina Vegan Table, Suyeongang Entertainment, and Hakdong Station Branch at the main store of Benaco & Fontana and Apgujeong.

The performance was dedication of Schumann through the collaboration of piano performance and calligraphy, the OST of the film Schindler's List with the violin performance, the OST of the film Titanic with the performance of the TGY Chamber Orchestra, the OST of the film Titanic, Arirang, and the soprano of Handel's Cry, and singer-songwriters. Various genres of music from vocal music, such as songs, Korean traditional music and sijo performances, to Korean traditional music, will be performed in a variety of ways along with Korean dance, calligraphy performances in the art area, and animation videos.

This performance will be performed with Yang Tae-gap, who is active as a conductor and vocalist, as the director of the arts. Yunseok Shin, Composition and Arrangement and Orchestration Yoo Jun, Lee Jiyeon, Lim Mihyun, Lee Uiseok, Violinist Kim Yeonjin, Kim Kyungmi, Kang Minseon, Han Jiyoon, Yang Dong-Eon, Jung Hyeyoon, Violist Lee Woo-rim, Kim Na-yeon, cellist Jeon Su-min, singer and singer-songwriter Moka, Korea Dancer Park Hyun-hee, Im Roon, calligraphy artist Mo Eun-young, animation artist Kyung Gyu-ho, Kyung Gyu-sun, Choi Ji-hyun, acoustics Park Jin-sik, Lee Je-hyeong, designer Yoon Myung-ji, Choi Eun-ji, Choi Kyung-ah, Kim Jin-won, full-length artist Kim Jung-han, formative art Mo Jun-seok, painter Jin, Shin Hye-rim , Eunjoo Lee, Haricha, video equipment movie parking, fashion designer Minsun Kim, Sunyong Lee, video Wonkuk Cho, poet Seoyoung Kim, Sutton Jin, web producer Chulki Min, and other artists from all over the world will be with you without a performance guarantee.

The live performances will be broadcast worldwide on YouTube channel Yangmae TV, Instagram, Facebook, and Club House.


[Performance Inquiry]
• Telephone inquiries: 010-8968-0738
• YouTube Channel: Yangmae TV
• Clubhouse: It's Jesus (talking between artists and art lovers)

• Email:
• Sponsor Account: Woori Bank 1005-703-243352

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April 18 Artists supporting this concert

April 10 Artists supporting this concert

Where to do it?


​April 18 (Sun) 7pm. Le Salon  
(PDT 3am, EDT 6am, BST 11am, CEST 12pm)
Le Salon
Le Salon, 1st floor, 19-13, Dongpangyo-ro 52beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
1048m from Exit 4 of Sunae Station

April 10 (Sat) 7pm. Sanji Music Hall  
(PDT 3am, EDT 6am, BST 11am, CEST 12pm)
Sanji Music Hall
B1, 20, Nambusunhwan-ro 333-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
395m from Exit 4-1 of Nambuk Terminal Station of Subway Line 3

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