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​ for the democratization of Myanmar

Hope concert

Thursday, April 1 at 7:30pm. Sanji Music Hall - First 50 people

​April 3 (Sat) 3pm. Le Salon - First 30 people


*To prevent the spread of Corona 19, this performance is conducted non-face-to-face and actively cooperates with the government's quarantine policy.

After communicating with the ward office, we thoroughly comply with all quarantine rules, including social distancing, wearing a mask, and checking for heat.

[Pre-Video]-6:30 PM

1. Formative Art,'Evidence of the Invisible (2012), Junseok Mo (France) / 5 min.

2.Dominika Zamara Soprano greeting (Italy, Poland) / 18 seconds

3. Professor Jang-Yeol Kim guitar performance-Spanish folk song romance (movie forbidden play insert song) "Súplica" (Prayer) by Guillermo Gomez (USA) / 3 minutes 30 seconds

4. Arthur's Korean name Yang Yang-seo greetings (France)

5.Tiffany Pei Hsuan Wu German greeting (Taiwan, Austria) / 58 seconds

6. Mezzo-soprano Park Ji-ah greetings (France)

7. Mezzo-soprano Park Ji-ah Rossini The Lamb of God in a small epic mass / 7 minutes 31 seconds

8. Baritone Tae-Gap Yang Video You Raise Me Up-Rolf Lovland (Korea) / 4min 30sec

[This Program]-7:00 PM​

*Moderator opening mant

Piano Choi Yoon-young (Korea)
1. Widumung (dedication)-RA Schumann / 4 minutes
2. Consolation (Comfort) 3rd Mov. Liszt list

Singer Sleep Anesthesia (Russia)
IU - these endings

Pansori Park Hee-won, Kosu Choi Yong-seok (Korea)
Simbongsa Temple's Eyes Opening Scene in Simcheongga

Seodo Folk Song Yu Eun-jung (Korea)
1. Be one with each other
2. Squash bald head

From Now Dance Park Hyun-hee, Im Loon (Korea)
Gotan Project-el norte/4min

*Moderator's comment (stage setting and preparation) video /5 minutes

Stop Asian Hate Peace Concert International Artist Participants
1.Tiffany Pei Hsuan Wu English greeting (Taiwan, Austria) / 54 seconds
2.Dominika Zamara Soprano,'Vaga luna che inargenti' Vinvenzo Bellini, Lppazio Ponzetta Piano (Italy, Poland)
3. Introducing the work of Miseon Park (France)
4. Mezzo-soprano Park Ji-ah Listening to the Moon Ecoute la lune Kim Da-Mee Kim Song (France) / 4min 23sec
5. Pianist Yunseok Shin, violinist Hui-Ti (Eric) Wang- Vocalise, (Rachmaninoff) (England, Taiwan) / 6min 30sec
6. Oboe video Amazing Grace (USA)
7. Bar. Tae-Gap Yang'You Are Living a Thousand Years' Composed by Yeung-Soo Lim, written by Jang Jang-sik

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang
Theme from Schindler's List-John Williams /4min 30sec

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang
Become a Thousand Winds-Arai Mann /5min

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang
Counter Tenor Luis Choi Counter Tenor
Make me cry-GF Handel /4min

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang
Ennio Morikone-Gabriels Oboe

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang
Movie'Titanic OST'-Arranged by L. Mason, Yoo Jun /4min

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang, Director Tae-Gap Yang, Soprano Helen Kim (Hyun-Jung Kim)
Arirang-Authentic folk song, arranged by Lee Kun-ryun / 5 minutes

TGY Chamber Orchestra-Conductor Tae-Gap Yang,
Morning dew (together)

*Enter and exit and waiting time /10 minutes

Estimated about 75 minutes

*The program above is subject to change due to the organizer's circumstances*

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 Yes, the best collaboration 


Yes, Wed, and Art Dinner prepared by the family

Yes, Wed, and Art Dinner prepared by the family

Where to do it?


Saturday, April 3rd, 3pm

Le Salon

Le Salon, 1st floor, 19-13, Dongpangyo-ro 52beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

1048m from Exit 4 of Sunae Station

Thursday, April 1, 7:30 p.m.

Sanji Music Hall

B1, 20, Nambusunhwan-ro 333-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

395m from Exit 4-1 of Nambuk Terminal Station of Subway Line 3

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