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Calvin Limuel / jazz pianist

Calvin Limuel is a musician, composer, and producer, based in Boston, Massachusetts. A multi-instrumentalist, he primarily plays Piano and Drums, but also regularly sings and performs on many other instruments. Mainly a Jazz musician, but his works and musical experiences run along the lines of Gospel/CCM, Rock, R&B, Latin American, and more.

Calvin keeps his schedule diverse. He is a regular jam session host at the historic Wally's Café, one of the oldest Jazz club in Boston. He performs and records with and for different projects and different artists, playing music and serving churches of various traditions around Boston, and working for general business bands for various events like weddings and corporate functions, while not forgetting his own personal endeavors, performing as “Calvin Limuel & Friends”, a collective of local jazz musician curating some of their own original compositions and their favorite compositions in the Jazz music idiom.

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