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Dominika Zamara (Soprano, 소프라노)

Biography A Polish Soprano, Dominika now lives in Venice, Italy. She was educated at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Poland, and Conservatory in Verona, Italy. She has toured throughout Europe, with concert in France, Montenegro, and made operatic debut as Mimi in La Boheme by G. Puccini in Padua, Italy. She has performed recital in Vienna, Austria, Spain, Las Palmas, Italy, Poland, Switzerland. She has performed in the United States in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Arkansas, Washington D. C. and Illinois. In the 2013, she was Awarded the Austrian Golden Owl (equivalent to the Polish Community Oscar) in the classical music category. In the 2016, she made her South Korea debut, and performed for his holiness Pope Francis at the prestigious Festival Cracovia Sacra in Kracow, Poland. In 2017, she has performed in Brescia, Italy, Romania, and Madrid. She has recorded two CDs for Edit Music Italy, and one for Sheva Collection. She is Associate Professor of Voice at the Accademia La Certosa in Italy.

Dominika Zamara Mobile +39 338 1299561 Mail:

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