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Tahira concentrated on learning her craft, taking dance classes, ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Drama. This has set her apart from a lot of other aspiring artists, To see Tahira on stage, is to see Tahira in her element. Calm relaxed with consummate skill she takes your hand and weaves the story of each song for you until you feel you have been invited into her home and she is communicating with you as a good friend. Tahira has traveled the globe and performed at numerous high profile venues. They include performances for Royalty throughout the world, Military Events, Casinos, head-lining in professional environments with numerous celebrities. Her clients & contemporaries acknowledge her as the one of the best vocalist on the circuit. Tahira hails from the UK, where she has carved a name for herself as a independent artist. She starred as Diana Ross in the international play Black Heroes in The Hall Fame.

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